TheraChoice Prostate Cancer

About us: our goal, affiliation, and credentials

Goal of the website

TheraChoice aims to provide relevant and update to date information about prostate cancer and the benefits, risks, and side effect of each threatment.

TheraChoice also aims to present survival and risk data as a novel interactive visualization to help patients better understand how treatment side effects, personal needs, and values affect treatment choice.

This website is a collaboration between the University of Toronto and Cooler Solutions Inc.

Cooler Solutions Inc. (Cooler) is a Toronto-based design and innovation firm that helps organizations uncover true insights about people and convert those insights into products and services that can improve their lives. Cooler's approach is based on deep ethnographic research, development of pragmatic design principles, and creation of product or service solutions that address those unmet needs.

Biomedical Communications (BMC) is an interdisciplinary graduate program in design and evaluation of visual media in medicine and science. Drawing on the rich heritage of medical illustration, BMC bridges diciplines (art, science, medicine and communication) to design and test visual material for health promotion, medical education, and as part of the process of scientific discovery. The Master of Science in Biomedical Communications (MSc. BMC) degree is offered through the Insitute of Medical Science, Faculty of Medicine, and the School of Graduate Studies at the University of Toronto.

Who funds this website?

This project is funded by FedDev Ontario’s Applied Research and Commercialization Initiative and Cooler Solutions Inc.

Tell me more about the team behind this website.

Nicholas Woolridge (BMC)
Principal investigator

Jodie Jenkinson (BMC)
Expertise in information visualization for health care

Shelley Wall (BMC)

Manzar Jubilee (BMC)
BSc., MSc. BMC
Risk communication design and visualization
Front-end programmer

Alexandra Wills

John W Sheldon
Front and back-end programmer

Susan Bartlett (Cooler)
Project Manager and IT Architect

Michelle McCune (Cooler)

Chris Ferguson (Cooler)
Project Sponsor

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