TheraChoice Prostate Cancer

Each man’s cancer is unique and complicated.

It is important to understand the complexities and uncertainties of cancer. Why are people so afraid of cancer, and why is cancer unpredictable?

Your body is made up of millions of cells. Normal cells respond to their environment, and turnover when they are damaged.

Sometimes, cells form when they are not needed, or cells do not turnover when damaged. When these abnormal cells grow in number in a location, they can become a mass called a tumor.

Cancer or malignant cells can develop from regular cells. They can act unpredictably and become a threat to our body. Sometimes they can sometimes be removed, but they may recur.

Metastasis is the spread of cancer beyond the intial/primary site.

Cancer can spread and travels to new tissues. This can be by direct invasion (spreading to nearby tissues), through the lymph vessels, or through the blood vessels. Cancer can spread to vital tissues distant from the primary cancer site, such as your brain or bones.

All cancers are unpredictable and can take many different paths.

Some cancers will stop growing on their own.
Some cancers grow very slowly.
Some cancers grow very quickly.
Some cancer are gone when they’re removed.
Some cancers can come back (cancer recurrence).
Some cancers stay put.
Some cancers will spread (metastasize).

Your doctor will use your cancer attributes (T, N, M, Gleason, PSA) to predict your prostate cancer's behaviour and your outcome.

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