TheraChoice Breast Cancer

Glossary: important keywords

Total number of keywords available: 62

  21 gene test


  Cancer grade

  Cancer histology (cell type)

  Cancer M-category

  Cancer M-category tests

  Cancer N-category

  Cancer N-category tests

  Cancer recurrence risk reduction (adjuvant therapy)

  Cancer risk reduction

  Cancer T-category

  Changes in appetite

  Changes in breast tissue


  Clinical trials

  Core needle biopsy

  Ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS)

  Early menopause, or menopausal symptoms

  Endometrial cancer


  Hair loss

  Heart problems

  HER2 tumor test

  Hormone receptor test

  Hormone therapy

  Hormone therapy: antiestrogen

  Hormone therapy: aromatase inhibitors

  Hormone therapy: Luteinizing Hormone-Releasing Hormone agonist (LHRH agonist)

  Invasive breast cancer (local)

  Limited arm and/or shoulder movement

  Lobular carcinoma in situ (LCIS)

  Locally advanced invasive breast cancer

  Low blood count (leading to infections, fevers, mouth sores, bleeding, bruising)


  Menopausal state

  Metastatic breast cancer

  Nausea and/or vomiting

  Neoadjuvant therapy

  Numbness in skin and/or upper arm

  Observation (no treatment)



  Radiation therapy

  Radiation therapy: External beam radiation therapy (EBRT)

  Radiation therapy: partial breast irradiation (PBI)

  Radiotherapy: Interstitial radiation (brachytherapy)


  Second breast cancer

  Side effects


  Surgery: Axillary lymph node dissection

  Surgery: lumpectomy

  Surgery: mastectomy

  Surgery: sentinel node biopsy

  Surgical excision of tumor

  Survival rate


  Targeted therapy

  Therapy treatment course

  Treatment length

  Uterine sarcoma

  Venous thromboembolism (blood clots)